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Rivaroxaban (Xarelto: 10mg, 15mg, 20mg)

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Factor Xa inhibitors

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10 - 20 mg D with food.

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Prevention of VTE following elective hip or knee replacement;
Treatment of acute VTE and Prevention of subsequent VTE;
Non-valvular AF and a high risk of stroke or systemic embolism.

Adverse Effects?
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peripheral oedema, itch, skin blisters, muscle spasm, bleeding, signs of bleeding (eg anaemia)

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5, 10b

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Take at about the same time every day; use a calendar to keep a record and to mark off the date after taking a dose.
Tell your dentist, podiatrist, physiotherapist or chiropractor that you are taking this medicine.
Tell your doctor immediately if you have any unexplained bruising, bleeding, pink, red or dark brown urine, or red or black faeces.

Monitoring Points?
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Renal function, internal bleeding (bruise, blood in urine faeces)